Fact Sheet


                                            At KOM International provides innovative and proven supply chain consulting services that enable companies around the world to manage logistics activities more effectively. Over the past 50 years, KOM International has worked with many of today's Fortune 500 companies across a wide spectrum of industry sectors to deliver world-class customer service levels at the least possible cost.


                                            • Over 50 years of warehouse, transportation, distribution and technology solutions
                                            • Over 3,600 projects successfully completed
                                            • Markets served: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia
                                            • KOM International Clients range from small family businesses to Fortune 500 firms

                                            Core Competencies

                                            • Logistics strategy - optimization of distribution networks
                                            • How supply chain policies affect the bottom line
                                            • Evaluation of distribution operations to improve efficiency / service
                                            • Distribution center design and layout
                                            • Reset and optimization of existing distribution facilities
                                            • Evaluation of alternative materials handling systems
                                            • Specification and evaluation of materials handling equipment
                                            • Industry productivity benchmarking
                                            • Inventory management to reduce cost of goods
                                            • Transportation and fleet management

                                            Benefits of KOM's Services

                                            • Maximum distribution flexibility to adapt to changes in your market place
                                            • Least-cost distribution infrastructure and efficient ongoing operations
                                            • World-class customer service levels
                                            • Improved fill rates, order turnaround time and customer retention
                                            • Optimized inventory levels
                                            • Least-risk capital investments into facilities and equipment

                                            Hiring KOM International

                                            At KOM International will typically provide an initial courtesy visit at no obligation to understand your company's business and logistics challenges. KOM's services can be structured as fixed-fee or as time and materials proposals, based on our client's preferences. The cost of fees are determined based on the mandate; general estimates are available by contacting the headquarters or regional offices below.

                                            Industries Served

                                            Retail & Wholesale:

                                            • Apparel & footwear
                                            • Automotive aftermarket parts
                                            • Books, music, video
                                            • Building and construction supplies
                                            • Candy & tobacco
                                            • Computer equipment & peripherals
                                            • Convenience stores
                                            • Dishware
                                            • Electrical and lighting supplies
                                            • Equipment & supplies
                                            • Firearms
                                            • Floral products & supplies
                                            • Foodservice
                                            • Furniture & appliances
                                            • General merchandise
                                            • Grocery
                                            • Hardware, tools
                                            • Health and beauty care
                                            • Home furnishings
                                            • Jewelry
                                            • Liquor, beer, wine and spirits
                                            • Mass merchants
                                            • Office Equipment & supplies
                                            • Pet Supplies
                                            • Pharmaceuticals
                                            • Photographic supplies
                                            • Plumbing, heating and HVAC
                                            • Sports and recreational products
                                            • Toys, hobby goods
                                            • Veterinarian Supplies

                                            Manufacturing / Processing:

                                            • Aerospace and defense
                                            • Apparel and footwear
                                            • Automotive
                                            • Beer & beverages
                                            • Bread & Other Bakery Products
                                            • Candy & Tobacco
                                            • Chemicals & allied products
                                            • Dairy & fluid milk
                                            • Electrical and lighting
                                            • Electronics parts and equipment
                                            • Fisheries
                                            • Food Manufacturing
                                            • Frozen Foods
                                            • Meat production
                                            • Medical supplies
                                            • Metals
                                            • Paint products
                                            • Paper & packaging
                                            • Pharmaceuticals
                                            • Police and security
                                            • Produce
                                            • Sugar Refinery


                                            • Charities
                                            • Electrical power plants
                                            • Gaming
                                            • Government
                                            • Hospitals
                                            • Police and security
                                            • Telecommunications
                                            • Third party logistics providers
                                            • Transportation providers

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